Self-Improvement – Negative Thoughts

Annette over at Annette’s Place hosts a Self-Improvement blogshare. This week, she proposes:

I encourage you to write a post and link it back here to share with us some negative thoughts you live with and how do you place them under arrest?

I don’t have nearly as many negative thoughts these days as I have had in the past. So I am going to list the ones I used to have, the ones I still have and then how I combat them.

Past Negative Thoughts:

  • I am a burden to everyone.
  • No one could possibly love me.
  • I am fat and ugly.
  • I am a phony.
  • I would be better off dead.
  • No one understands me. Therefore, I deserve to be alone.
  • I have nothing of value to contribute to others.

Current Negative Thoughts:

  • My writing sucks
  • I’m still fat and ugly
  • I am still unlovable

It took me years of therapy to overcome most of those past negative thoughts. The current ones don’t creep in very often, thankfully. But when they do, what do I do? I keep a journal of positive and motivational quotes and read them often. I also switch to Mindfulness mode and will concentrate on one small thing until the thoughts subside. If both of those fail, I will put in some inspirational music or watch a good movie. If I still cannot relieve my mind of the negative, I do the Ho’oponopono meditation. Generally, the thoughts go away fairly quickly when I do that.

How about you, dear readers? How do you combat negative thoughts? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


3 thoughts on “Self-Improvement – Negative Thoughts

  1. Lori, It means alot to me that you have taken your time to take part in a series I have been doing for a bit now. I think you are the first person to actually take part in it. Don’t get me wrong I have had past valued comments but nobody has taken to actually blogging about it with me. Thank you for that! You have came a long way and I am just at the beginning of my journey even four years into it. I am just learning to actually visulize the neg thought and watch it be replaced with something pretty and orange. This has helped me a great deal. I have tried meditation and I actually made it for 4 minutes the other day! yahoo me! Your tips I will certain consider and thank you for sharing!

    • It’s a pleasure to join you, Annette. I know what you are doing is important stuff. That’s why I want to help as much as I can.
      You are doing great. I know it’s hard.. so damn hard to get rid of the negative and try to find positives. But you can do it! And 4 mins is actually great for a first time meditation! I’ve been meditating now for about 10 years and some days I can barely make it through 15 mins. So you are doing great!

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