Circle of Friends – Week 1

Each Sunday in May, I will be joining Raili @ Soul Gifts for Circle of Friends. Hop on over and join us!

This week’s prompt for friendship is “mud mapping”. Here is my poor attempt at creating a Friendship Map and a small ditty after:


‘though you are few in number
and some online
your friendships are dear
and worthy of my time

I wouldn’t trade any of you
or wish for more
it’s quality I enjoy
mutually respect and adore

11 thoughts on “Circle of Friends – Week 1

  1. Hi Lori,
    Followed your link from Calen Sariel’s blog post on this topic. I am in the process of carrying out a friend’s ‘audit’ and found all this info re circle of friends when dipping into raili’s uncategorised blog section.
    I love this friend’s mapping idea and will have a go. Thanks

    • Thanks for popping over, Margaret! I also found this “mud mapping” of friends useful. It showed me who the most important people in my life are/were. Unfortunately, I have had to audit some of those friends from my life in recent months and years. Toxic friendships, no matter how long you’ve been friends, cannot be sustained. I hope you carefully consider who in your circle of friends benefit your life and who hold you down and act accordingly. Have a blessed evening!

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  3. Lori, this is fantastic! And even more so, as you are the first cab off the rank! I am indeed honoured to be included in your Friendship Map 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the individual interpretations.

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