The Sandbox Writing Challenge #37 — Something Important

I’m a bit late with the challenge this week. I am still not 100% okay, but moving on…

This week, Calen has proposed an interesting scenario


Imagine this man telling you something important, something you need to hear. What is he saying? 

The first impression I get of this man is that he seems grumpy, disgruntled or not too happy with his current circumstances. I think his advice would go something like this:

“Don’t do what I did, young lady. Many opportunities to make something of myself came along. I hesitated. Weighed all of the pros and cons. Took my time making a decision. By the time I was ready to say yay or nay, the opportunities had moved along. Then I would curse myself as a failure. I became embittered. I drove everyone away because of my self-doubt. Now look at me. I am an old man. I never made anything special out of my life. And my only company are these pigeons.

“If you see an opportunity, cease it. You may still fail, but you can pat yourself on the back for trying. Then try again. Embrace your loved ones. Keep them close. When you reach my age, don’t feed the pigeons alone.”

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