Creative Questions 10 – War


CQ 10 – How has war impacted on your family and life?

War has never directly affected me. No one in my immediate family served in the military. My maternal grandfather served in WW2 and I have some cousins who served in various branches of the military, but they all came back home from their services. I’ve had no close acquaintances die during war. However, I am aware of the hardships that Vets live through as I have worked in various community centers who serviced Vets. I am a pacifist and believe in non-violence. I have nothing against the military and am proud of those who are and have served, but my preference would be that no one’s sons or daughters would ever have to go to war again.

How about you, dear readers? Has war had an impact on your life or family? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

6 thoughts on “Creative Questions 10 – War

  1. My middle boy joined the army and was sent to Iraq or the border anyways. He did not see fighting but he felt what it meant to live everyday. When he came back he was different. I can’t pinpoint how and neither can he. We both just knew how different that can feel. So, that is how it has affected my life.

    • Oh wow, Annette. It’s good that even he recognized changes in himself. So much that happens in the military that we who don’t serve will never understand. Thank you for sharing this with me 🙂

  2. I sometimes wonder,if people had just accepted the world as ours and not tear into pieces. The term war would not have been there. We would have filled our life with peace and happiness…

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