The Sandbox Writing Challenge #35 — Let’s Make a Deal

This week Calen presents us with two related questions:


What is behind this door that you want?

At my age (49!), there is very little left in life that I want. I am not materialistic, so I don’t want things. I’ve never been obsessed with money, so I don’t want money. I tend to just take care of my immediate needs these days. If I were to really desire anything in life, it would be to help end hunger, poverty, discrimination, abuse, and war. Peace would be my greatest want. How unrealistic is that?

Imagine having the key. What is stopping you from opening the door?

If I had the key, the solution to end all of those above things and have a peaceful world, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the key. I would unlock the door and swing it wide open for all to step through freely. But with so much hate and greed in the world, I can only do my small part and send out love as often as possible in whatever way possible.

How about you, dear readers? What’s behind that door that you want? Will you turn the key and step inside? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

18 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #35 — Let’s Make a Deal

  1. Behind my door is myself. I am trying to be better at taking criticism and conflict, but I’m really bad at it. There’s at least one person whose life I could make so much better simply by being more grounded and calm. I think… I think I would fiddle with the key for a while, trying to put it off, but ultimately I would open the door.

    Or world peace and acceptance would be nice too. Just facing down the upcoming presidential election is scaring me, because Trump or Cruz would probably do a lot to facilitate taking away my right to marry and my and my partner’s right to be who we are. And there are people in my family who might vote for them anyway in the name of being “fiscally conservative.”

    • OMGoodness! You have my empathy dear. I am terrified for our future if Trump or Cruz become president too. I so hope you and your partner can marry soon and that your lives will not be negatively impacted by the election. Big hugs to you!

      • Thank you. 😊 We’re not planning on it any time soon, that’s the thing. I really have my fingers crossed that not rushing into marriage isn’t going to screw us over.

      • Yes, I hope not as well, dear. But still, you have one another. I just keep hoping that discrimination will end in this country for everyone. All of this hate and bigotry is really taxing on my nerves.

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  3. Seems like such a tall order, doesn’t it? Even just imagining a world where we are truly equal with one another and have enough to provide our basic needs. But we MUST keep dreaming. SOMEONE has to dream of the possibilities or we won’t know them when they present themselves! Good post, Lori!

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