10 Daily Currents – 04.13.16

It is Wednesday at 2:50 pm and I am currently…

1. listening: a friend chattering on the phone, the tv in the kitchen, a big truck roaring by, someone playing loud booming bass down the street.. quite the cacophony of sounds

2. eating: chicken thigh, broccoli

3. drinking: iced tea

4. wearing: black pants, black t-shirt, black socks

5. feeling: tired, sinus headache

6. weather: warm-ish, sunny, about 60 degrees

7. wanting: a nap

8. needing: to get through more A2Z posts

9. thinking: I may watch The Hobbit tonight… at least the first movie

10. enjoying: conversing with my friend

I had a thought, dear readers… if you’d like to grab these 10 Daily Currents and write your own, link back to my post so I can share along with you!

2 thoughts on “10 Daily Currents – 04.13.16

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