04.13.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: Today started way too early, around 3 am. I intended to only write a Hump Day poem and then go back to bed, but 15 hrs later, I am still up. I am sure I will crash and burn soon.

Here are a few other things I did today:

I also managed to visit some A2Z blogs today. Here are a few I enjoyed:

  • This descriptive kiss scene from a WIP via Shelli @ Shelli Rosewarne
  • A beautiful poem and reminder via Srivi @ The Piscean Me
  • A powerful cleave poem @ lifehomeandaway
  • An informative post on Keystone Species via Ann @ Science Ladybug
  • A moving, personal story about Project Why via Damyanti @ daily(w)rite
  • Lore behind the Kitchener Stitch in knitting via Michelle @ Ma’s Needles
  • A fabulous Knitting Cake that you’ve just got to see via Sara @ Sara Writes
  • Need some advice on how to be more patient? Check this out @ S.D. Gates
  • This beautiful post about her deaf son via Linda @ Linda G. Hill

And here are a few non-A2Z posts that I enjoyed today:

  • This gorgeous Haiga via Bastet @ Through the Eye of Bastet
  • A beautiful spring Haiku via LadyLee @ ladyleemanila
  • A beautiful poem about Native American women @ Artistic Smash
  • Great advice on writing action scenes via Ell @ Our Write Side
  • This clever book promo via Kent @ DirtySciFiBuddha
  • A beautiful, inspiring poem via Shiva @ theshivasponder

What I learned today: Tons… just look at all of that fascinating stuff up^ there!

What I am most proud of today: Despite this horrid headache, I got stuff done.

What did you do today, dear readers? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “04.13.16 – End of Day Notes

  1. Oh my … I have days like this and it is so cool to be able to look at all the writing done, the visiting of posts and the joy of contact … but it also has it’s price, like not being able to write an original word, which is what happened to me yesterday after a few prolific days, I just wrote my English lesson and then puttered around the house before going to lesson .. keep your strength up my dear!

    • Thank you, Bastet.. that’s what happened to me yesterday.. I did my regular posts and then was just too exhausted to do anything the rest of the day.. I hope today will be more fruitful. Hope yours improves too hun!

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