Wednesday Hodgepodge – 04.06.16


for Wednesday Hodgepodge @ From This Side of the Pond

1. What does retirement mean to you? Are you planning for it, not thinking about it, looking forward to it, or dreading it? Since I am disabled, I guess I am already semi-retired. I had no plans or savings. I never thought my life would become such a wreck that I would have to go on disability, but well, here we are.

2. It’s International Guitar Month…do you play? Does anyone in your family play? What’s a song you especially like to hear played on the guitar or a favorite song featuring the guitar? Does air guitar count? *laughs* I have a few friends who can play. I envy them their talents. My all-time favorite song with great guitar riffs (and drums! I am more into drums than guitars – I just love Lars!) is Enter Sandman by Metallica

3. What’s your comfort food? In the past, it would have been mashed potatoes with gravy or mac & cheese, but I’ve pretty much given up carbs. So now it would be pork chops and grilled asparagus.

4. What’s one activity or area of your life where you absolutely never procrastinate? I don’t have one. I am a naturally-born procrastinator. I will even procrastinate about brushing my teeth or brushing my hair. I am getting a bit better about it all though.

5. Who does the grocery shopping in your house? Does your local store bag the groceries for you or is it a do-it-yourself kind of place? Do you like someone packing your groceries? My dad and I do most of the shopping. Our grocer packs our groceries and sometimes they do a good job, other times a horrible one. It just depends on who’s doing the packing.

6. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in nature? I once watched a praying mantis and a garden spider go at it in a battle to the death. The mantis won.

7. Share a favorite quote about home.


8. Insert your own random thought here. All this talk of home makes me long for Andromeda.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – 04.06.16

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  2. I’ll give you Enter Sandman has a good riff but they have a lot of great (ok, better) songs. 🙂
    And mashes and mac and cheese are by far my favorite comfort foods too. So tasty.

  3. Let’s see if my connection stays while I go through this –
    1. retirement : Love it. Wonder how I ever had time to work!
    2.Used to play the piano a loooong time ago. Eclectic musical taste
    3. ‘fraid I’m a sweet tootH – CHOCOLATE!
    4. with you on this one 🙂
    5. I shop. Hate it when hb wants to come along. I have to go back on my own after to finish it off !
    6. a tropical thunderstorm with lots of lightning
    7. can’t think of one – perhaps ‘home is where the heart is’ , is best
    8. It’s good to be back on the net after 36 hrs of no access !!

  4. Have you seen the youtube video of the three year old boy playing drums with an orchestra? Incredible! My hubs would like to get a set of drums, but so far I’ve managed to keep him from it : ) Enjoy your day!

    • I haven’t seen that video.. if you get a chance, can you send me a link… Ohhhh the hubs likes drums.. hmm.. they are noisy, but I do so love hearing them when played well 🙂 Thank you, have a great day too hun

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