The Sandbox Writing Challenge #34 — Superstitious!


This week, Calen brings up superstition. Well, I am NOT superstitious and never have been, but I will play along. She asked, If you were superstitious,and this black cat crossed your path,what would you be afraid might happen?

First, that cat looks a lot like my Izzy who I had to leave behind in Oklahoma. I want to cuddle and squeeze it! I love black cats! Okay, I’ve gotten that out of my system.

Now let me put on my superstitious hat….

OMG! A Black Cat! Eeeeekkkksssss. No, no.. don’t cross my… oh shit! Where are the witches? what will they do to me? Cats have 9 lives, does this mean I will be cursed for 9 years? Will I suddenly became accident prone… ouch! I just twisted my ankle! Damn cat! I know you cursed me!

How about you dear readers? Are you superstitious? Does a black cat freak you out? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


12 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #34 — Superstitious!

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  2. I’m sure I am, but I can’t think of a situation. Black cats are fine. The number 13 is a lucky number, and ladders don’t bother me. I don’t walk under them because I don’t want paint on my head when I trip and knock the bucket off. LOL

    • *laughs* yeah, I think it is just common sense to avoid potential accidents like that. I’ve always love the number 13 and never thought it unlucky either. Thanks for stopping by, Yolanda 🙂

  3. LOL! Nice try! I think black cats get a bad wrap. The one in the picture there looks JUST LIKE our Twitch. Maybe we’re only dealing with ONE black cat with the supernatural capabilities to be in six million places at once! Wouldn’t that diminish their power if they walk across your path??? 😀

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