New Surroundings #NaJoWriMo

For this today’s writing prompt, take some time and dream. If you had the money and/or time, describe how you would like to change your physical surroundings. What changes would you like to make to your home or apartment?  What type of furnishings would you like to change and add? Is there a color theme you want to use? What physical things do you want to get rid of or replace? How do you think these physical changes will affect you?

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life lately. This imagining what I would do if I had money to do it with. I just recently won a $10 million dollar lottery, remember? Is the Universe trying to tell me something? I must listen closer!

So, if I had all the money I needed to improve/change my surroundings, I would move away from my current dwelling and go, yes… you guessed it… to Coastal Maine. I want a place that embodies that whole breezy Northern feel to it. White wash and ocean blue. A nautical scene or two. Maybe some lighthouse murals on my walls. I want comfy, plush furnishings and a huge bed to sink into. A library crammed with books. An artist studio filled with supplies. A writing studio with the latest gadgets. And a view overlooking the sea. Move me into a fictional town from Stephen King’s imagination (Haven will do!). I want to eat fresh caught lobster and fish til I am sick of it (will take years, I assure you!). I want to write, paint and walk the beach. Live a solitary life with just me and maybe a dog and a cat or two or three.

How about you, dear readers? What changes would you make to your surroundings if money was no object? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

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3 thoughts on “New Surroundings #NaJoWriMo

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  2. I’d move to either coastal New Hampshire or an island in Casco Bay for May-Nov, and then to the Florida gulf coast for Dec-April. I prefer light and warmth to dark days and snowstorms. Walking the beach is very therapeutic to me.

    AND I’d hire a butler to manage my life and to know just what I feel like for dinner.

    Great post and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Awesome ideas, Kathy.. I love the Butler one too.. would definitely need one of those *laughs*
      It was my pleasure to stop by 🙂 Hopefully I will get a chance to do so again soon!

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