Creative Questions 7 – $10 Million WIN

CQ7: Congratulations – you have just won $10 million dollars in the lottery! Please tell us how this windfall will impact on your life and how you plan to spend it? Get creative, make it fun or be sincere …

My first thought would be: who entered me in the lottery? I don’t play lottery or spend money on scratch-offs. The chances are so low to win, that I just find it a waste of money. But I will play along. I won! Hurray! I’ve actually played this what-if game before and my response is usually the same.

  1. Pay off my student loans.
  2. Pay off dad’s house and buy him a new truck.
  3. Contribute $1 million to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. He is my spiritual teacher and his foundation does so much to help other Buddhist monks and nuns around the world.
  4. Contribute $1 million to Futures Without Violence because they help women and children who have been subjected to Domestic Violence.
  5. I would probably donate smaller amounts to other charities that deal with cancer and hospice care, education for third world countries, and a few environmental and animal rights groups. I would be careful to whom I contributed to make sure they are small groups with low administrative costs because I would want the money to go directly toward helping and not lining someone’s pockets.
  6. I would donate some money to  the local art organizations in my small home town and to our small library.
  7. And then, I would buy myself a car and move to coastal Maine, purchase a modest-sized house, set up a writing room, an art studio and a library. I would live out my remaining days on Earth doing what I love: reading, writing and painting.

How about you, dear readers? What would you do with $10 million dollars? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

2 thoughts on “Creative Questions 7 – $10 Million WIN

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