Self-Discovery Sunday – Important

for Self-Discovery Sunday – What are the most important things to you in life?

List 10, yes 10 important things in your life and why they are important

  1. The MOST important person in my life is my Dad. I am a daddy’s girl and I value his opinions and advice. He is also an amazingly selfless man who would do anything for anyone.
  2. I have 4 of the greatest friends in the entire world: Annette, Lisa, Claire and Brenda. Annette is the furthest away in Cali. She is also my newest friend, but I feel like I have known her forever. I love her dearly already. Lisa is my longest known friend. We’ve been friends since high school and she is my Keeper of Memories. Claire is my Reiki Master and we’ve been friends since our Hollins College days. And Brenda and I have been friends since our days at DSLCC. All of these remarkable women keep me sane!
  3. My Muses (Catharine and Evelyn) and my Animus (Stefano) are very important to me. Without their constant chattering in my head, I wouldn’t be able to write.
  4. My writing is super important to me. It is my passion and the reason I keep getting up every day.
  5. Mindfulness is important because it is what saved me from deep depression.
  6. My Spiritual life is important because it has shown me how to be compassionate, understanding, and at peace.
  7. My book collection is important because it is very selective and contains the authors that I follow regularly (William Goyen, Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Kim Stanley Robinson, and a host of poets). It also contains a lot of self-help books and spiritual teachings from around the world. A book only gets into my collection if it inspires or enriches me.
  8. My contacts – AA Charmeine, Fultan, and Iktar – are important to me as they enrich my spiritual life and keep me in balance.
  9. My other family members are important to me NOW. It wasn’t always so as I kept my distance from everyone, but now they are super important to keep me in the real world.
  10. And finally, MY LIFE is important to me. That wasn’t always so either. I wanted to end it for so long, but now I know I have a purpose here in this life and that I NEED to be here.

How about you, dear readers? Who or what are the most important people/things in your life? Share your thoughts with me in comments, or feel free to join us at Self-Discovery Sunday and create your own post and link back.

5 thoughts on “Self-Discovery Sunday – Important

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  2. That must have been a very empowering exercise to go through. I know of CC Charmeine and Fultan, but Iktar, your Muses and Animus are new to me. I’m intrigued. BTW, did you get my last email continuing our conversations ? I sent it last week if I recall right.

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