Creative Questions 4 – Who Am I?

I’ve decided to take calmkate @ Aroused up on her Creative Questions Challenge by answering each of her 6 current questions over the next few days.

CQ4: How do you describe yourself when asked Who are You?

This is a question that I have struggled with for a very long time. I know I am not my birth name (Loretta, for those who are curious), I am not my profession (writer), not my nationality (American), or my ancestry (English, Irish, German, Cherokee), I am not even the *me* that inhabits this body. It’s difficult to answer such a question when you are a walk-in, but am I even I’Ceen (my Andromedan name)? Perhaps I am merely a spirit inhabiting a body, but is that the totality of who I am?

I could tell you of my personality – introvert, quiet, peaceful, at times anxious, at times manic/depressed, at times extremely OCD, riddled with phobias, eclectic, an enigma, so open-minded I fear the Universe lives within my mind, intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive to everything around me – but are any of these things really me?

I could tell you my labels – daughter, sister, aunt, ex-wife, lover, friend, bisexual, Buddhist, witch, spiritualist, poet, artist, fiction writer, Reiki Practitioner  – are any of these really me?

I guess I would just say that I am ME – take the time to get to know ME and perhaps you will discover the answer without asking me.

How about you, dear readers? How would you describe who you are if someone asked? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


5 thoughts on “Creative Questions 4 – Who Am I?

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  2. I think you explained it perfectly. We are all the sum of our parts, no matter how many of them there are, and no two of us are alike. Cherish those things that make you unique! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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