Self-Discovery Sunday – Passion

for Self-Discovery Sunday – What are you passionate about?

I haven’t always had passion in life. In fact, I went through five very dark years of depression where passion had completely fizzled out in my life. During those five years, I quit doing everything that I once loved. I hid myself away in a darkened bedroom, rarely went out of my house, and attempted suicide more times than I care to admit. I blamed most of it on my husband during those years, but if truth were to be known, I was just as guilty. Sure, it was difficult living with a narcissist, but I was also the problem. I hated living in Oklahoma far away from my mountains of Virginia. I made no effort to meet new people. And I rarely left the house. I allowed myself to sink into that horrible depressive state. But when you are Bipolar, you don’t always have a choice as to when depression or mania will hit you. It just happens. Without notice and at the most inconvenient of moments. It was only with the help of a cocktail of drugs, a great therapist and Mindfulness training that I overcame my depression. I do still on occasion have a depressive moment, but nothing like before. I have my passionate life back again!

Here is my list of 5 things I am passionate about:

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness – these are both essential to my life if I want to remain depression-free. I do a 20 min meditation each morning and I practice Mindfulness throughout the day. You should see me mindfully brush my teeth *laughs*
  2. Writing – this is without a doubt my #1 passion, even though I am listing here it here as #2, for obvious reasons listed above *winks*. Writing fiction and poetry is in my blood. It is my reason for blogging, my reason for getting up each day, and for living. Without it, I am nothing, a soulless being.
  3. Cultivating friendships – I don’t have many friends, but the few that I do have, I want to keep. So it is very important that I maintain and strengthen those friendships.
  4. Reading – I am an avid reader. Nothing thrills me quite like a good mystery or science fiction story. I love getting lost in others’ lives.
  5. Family – I haven’t always been close to my family, but I am working very hard these days to keep that connection.


Self-Discovery Sunday is a weekly Journal Writing experience for those who’ve dealt with and are recovering from depression and/or addiction. I hope you will join me each Sunday over at Annette’s Place as we learn to discover who we truly are and how we wish to live our lives now, free of depression and addiction.

6 thoughts on “Self-Discovery Sunday – Passion

  1. Love your post here. Some really good things! I have the friendship thing in common with you 🙂 xoxo thank you for doing this challenge at my place. It is very important to me. Just like you are. Xoxo

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