10 Daily Currents – 03.21.16

It is Monday at 6:25 pm and I am currently…

1. listening: to the hum of my heater.. otherwise, it silent in the house as both dad and my brother are napping

2. eating: I haven’t really been hungry today. This allergy nonsense is kicking me in the arse, so all I’ve had today is a few slices of ham and some pepperjack cheese.

3. drinking: Pepsi Max… seems like I am almost always drinking this when I post my 10 Dailies. Honestly, I do drink other things… coffee, tea, water…

4. wearing: black sweats, a black t-shirt, black socks …I am matching today, shock shock!

5. feeling: stuffy and cold

6. weather: 51 degrees, windy and the sun is shinning brightly in my window.

7. wanting: these cold days and nights to be over with! (Don’t worry, soon you will get to hear me complain about the heat) …bring on Spring weather already!

8. needing: allergy meds, but they make me sleepy and I have far too much to catch up on for that

9. thinking: I am so glad the repair men got my internet back up and running today. 3 days without service and I nearly went mad! Mad mad mad, I tell ya!

10. enjoying: reading everyone’s A2Z Theme Reveals. There will be some awesomeness going around the blogosphere come April!

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