10 Daily Currents – 03.16.16

It is Wednesday at 12:22 pm and I am currently…

1. listening: the birds singing outside, my dad and brother discussing politics *shock* and voices in my head

2. eating: fried eggs, bacon, an avocado

3. drinking: coffee with cream and stevia

4. wearing: black sweats, purple sweater, purple socks

5. feeling: sleepy, so very sleepy

6. weather: cool, partly cloudy, around 65 degrees

7. wanting: my feet to stop burning

8. needing: sleep… been up since 3 am

9. thinking: about how to be more efficient with my time, how to get more writing in each day, and what all I need to change to accomplish these things

10. enjoying: I’m not… I am sleepy, grouchy and my feet are burning.. not much there to enjoy. I hate when physical issues still my joy.

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