03.15.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: I went to bed last night around 9 pm, but I was back up by 1 am. I did my writing projects and scheduled them, read some emails, and did a few challenges. By 3:30 pm, I was exhausted and had a migraine. So off to a dark, cold bed I went. Got up for a couple of hours and ate dinner, watched Captain America, and now I am ready for bed again. Still not feeling my best.

What I learned today: We are seriously screwed as a country. There is only evil and more evil as choices for the Presidency.

What I am most proud of today:  I know my limitations and I am not pushing myself beyond that.

What did you do today, dear readers? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

10 thoughts on “03.15.16 – End of Day Notes

  1. Even from here we wonder what the hell is going on with the American presidential elections 😦 Hope and pray that something good will come out of it. Trust you are starting to feel better!

    • It definitely has me concerned, Raili.. no good choices out there.. I fear we could swing from Far Right to Far Left with no middle ground.. Fascism or Socialism.. scary thought. I am feeling quite a bit better. I think it is allergies as the allergy meds are kicking in 🙂

  2. Knowing your limits is important. Today was hard. I like Captin America. Choices for President bite butt. But, I like this post and I am taking a few to read some blogs I love. Good post.

  3. I agree with your thought about the president choices. 😦 I hope your migraine has lessened! I also get those & they can be so frustrating as you can’t do much work or anything when you have one.

    • Thank you, dear.. yeah, not much of a choice there this time around.. and yes, the migraine has eased up.. just a tinge of it still here. Sorry that you get them too.. they are not fun at all 😦

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