03.15.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: I went to bed last night around 9 pm, but I was back up by 1 am. I did my writing projects and scheduled them, read some emails, and did a few challenges. By 3:30 pm, I was exhausted and had a migraine. So off to a dark, cold bed I went. Got up for a couple of hours and ate dinner, watched Captain America, and now I am ready for bed again. Still not feeling my best.

What I learned today: We are seriously screwed as a country. There is only evil and more evil as choices for the Presidency.

What I am most proud of today:  I know my limitations and I am not pushing myself beyond that.

What did you do today, dear readers? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #31 — The Most Valuable Advice!


This week, Calen proposes the following challenge: If you were to tell this boy what you value most in life,what would you say?

I would tell him that above all individualism is the most valuable asset anyone can possess. Do not be a conformist. Do not go along with the status quo. Be  your own person. Obey the rules of the land in so far as they are just and constitutional. Otherwise, fight for your individual freedom.

I would tell him to seek out what he is most passionate about and work wholeheartedly toward his goals. Not to allow anyone to tell him he is not worthy or good enough.

And finally, I would tell him to live an honorable, loving and compassionate life. Be noble in a world of wolves.



10 Daily Currents – 03.15.16

It is Tuesday at 11:53 am and I am currently…

1. listening: the birds singing outside, the tv blaring in the kitchen, the neighbor’s dogs barking incessantly

2. eating: scrambled eggs with salsa, sausage patties, and an avocado

3. drinking: coffee with cream and stevia

4. wearing: blue sweat pants, a blue t-shirt, pink socks

5. feeling: surprisingly better for now, although I know that is subject to change at any moment

6. weather: cloudy and chilly, about 66 degrees

7. wanting: the left side of my jaw to stop hurting… whatever IT was that I had/may still have caused drainage in my left ear and a pain in my jaw 😦

8. needing: more coffee and about 10 extra hours in a day

9. thinking: plotting and planning the next parts of my mystery story

10. enjoying: a not-so-sickly day

Thoughts on the Games People Play

I just finished reading a beautiful post by Jodi Chapman titled A Game I Never Want to Win where she talks about “The Suffering Game” people play. I am sure you all know this game. It’s a one-upmanship game and the goal is to be the one who has suffered the most. Here are the examples that Jodi gave. Maybe you will recognize this in yourself or others around you.

Someone asks us how we’re doing. And we reply, “Oh, I’m honestly not that great. I haven’t felt very well this week, and I’m thinking of going to the doctor.”

They respond: “Me, too! I haven’t felt healthy in ages, and after going from doctor to doctor, I feel that I’ll never feel well again.”

Or maybe someone asks you how work is going. And you reply that you are feeling overworked and could really use a break since you hadn’t had a day off in a month. To which they respond, “Tell me about it! I haven’t had a vacation in years, and even if I did I would be so busy taking care of everyone else that I wouldn’t get to rest anyway.”

Or maybe someone asks you about your kids, and you tell them that they are okay for the most part – although your daughter is starting to rebel a bit lately. And they respond, “That’s nothing! My son has been rebelling for years, and I just know that he’s going to turn into a criminal one of these days.”

I don’t know if people do this to try to relate or if they just really do want to be the “biggest sufferer,” but I have to agree with Jodi, this isn’t the kind of game I want to play either. I do have a friend who delights in this kind of game. Not only does she want to be the Queen of All Sufferers, but she also wants others to suffer as well. She gets a sick sense of joy out of revenge, kicking people when they are down, and stirring the pot that is already boiling over. She likes to capitalize on your pain, your troubles, your worries. She enjoys taking pot-shots at people. And her favorite is to pick, pick, pick… especially if she knows that you are sick or just not feeling too well. She says that is the best time to pick at someone because their defenses are down and they can’t come back at her with a witty remark. She will come up with a scheme of how to hurt someone and then ask me if I want to join her. When I tell her things like “No, I get no joy out of hurting someone or seeing them suffer,” she laughs and says, “Oh, but I do!” She really is quite sinister sometimes.

Sometimes I ask myself why I am still friends with this woman. My usual response is that I’ve known her for 36 years and she is like a bad habit I cannot shake. And other times, I think I remain her friend hoping that some of my love and compassion will wear off on her.

Like Jodi says in her article, and I wholeheartedly agree, we should be striving to spread happiness and joy, to lift one another up, to show compassion to those who are suffering. She calls this “The Feel Good Game” and it is definitely one I would much rather be playing.

How about you, dear readers? Which game do you play? Which game would you rather be playing? Know someone who plays “The Suffering Game” and want to talk about it? Share your thoughts with me in comments.