03.09.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: I was up late doing some writing, but by 7 am, I was exhausted and decided to go to bed. Slept in until around 12:30 pm. I was a bit stumped on where to go next with my story and always seem to do better when I sleep on it. When I woke up, I knew exactly where to go. I love when that happens. I did do some other writing projects today. A flash and a drabble. So I am happy about that. I am hanging up the writing cap and taking a much needed nap.

What I learned today: This blah that I have is definitely a cold. Allergy meds did nothing to help and they usually work right away for me. So it is confirmed. I have a nasty bugger of a cold.

What I am most proud of today:  Just that I am still writing, despite this crappy cold.

What did you do today? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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