03.07.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: Not much. I got up late after sleeping for about 12 hrs on a cold medicine induced sleep. Got my writing projects completed and have just been sitting around most of the evening feeling like crap. Going to wrap things up and call it a day.

What I learned today: When you tell someone that you don’t feel well, don’t ask them to do added projects. I guess I could have said no.

What I am most proud of today:  I said yes and thankfully the project only took a few minutes of my time. This abundance thing is really kicking me in the rear.

What did you do today? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

8 thoughts on “03.07.16 – End of Day Notes

  1. Hi, I am replining a little late. But, I am sorry you have not been feeling well. Sending you good MOJO my friend! Yesterday was very long but I wanted to tell you that my son Mason came to visit and he showed interest in my blogging and he said make me a blog to display my art. So, with very little visuals of his art available now he has his blog…..:-) I hope he uses it but only has a cell that is not active and they use apps off their roomates Wifi to get on Facebook. So, he will post when he is here. (not often but praying for more time with him and his girlfriend) he now works full time so I am sure his posts will be rare. He asked me to pick a thing from my A to Z theme and he would draw it. I am excited about that!! So, he stayed till well after dark and I was so happy. I stayed up way to late on this darn laptop doing my research on the A to Z challenge theme. Up to early today. But, I called this Arthor I know she is one of my Besties. We talk and never run out of stuff to say. We even talk over each other LOL (mainly me talking over her cause I am a chatter box) My day was made because I have invited her to be a Arthor on my blog. My blog is precious to me so it is enormous in my steps to let people inside again. I trust her and we have not known eachother that long…….

    There is my day yesterday and today so far……
    Hugs and loves, Annette

    • Sounds like you’ve had a lovely couple of days, my dear friend. I am so glad you got to spend time with Mason and it sounds like his art blog will be awesome! Email me the link some time and I will follow it 🙂 I added a guest post to your blog, introducing myself to your readers. I hope that is okay 🙂 I didn’t want to just start posting have people think someone confiscated your blog 😀 Love you, my dear friend!

      • I was tickled pink when I opened up my blog and saw your bling bling hello post!!! 🙂 I made a comment and I am not sure how you are to see it but it is there…..lol

        Yes, my day was wonderful yesterday and today ended up to be very good as far as talking to you my friend and I did a ton of research on “my theme” for A to Z Challenge. I have E, V, and you know L 😉 covered and I have a grasp on others but not set in stone yet. I am going to unplug now for my back and legs and eyes are killing me and I have been at it for many hours with only 2 breaks. Tomorrow and the rest of the week actually will be spent on the first 7 days or letters. With a goal that I would have those ready to topics choosen then I will start actual writing or presenting my post, stick the first 7 on a drop schedule….I will be Sunday’s posting for the up coming week when challenge starts. xoxooxox so very tired!

        love you so happy to have you as a author!!!

      • Thanks sweetie! I posted that and then retired for the night.. or so I thought *laughs* went to bed around 9:30 and then was back up again at 12:30… so figured I would start writing. I can see comments from posts at your blog.. so no worries there 🙂 I am so glad we got to talk again. I do enjoy our conversations 🙂 Don’t stress so much over the A2Z, it will ruin the fun 🙂 Love ya hun!

      • Haha I just now thought I am stressing to much over A to Z and told myself relax or you will miss the fun!!! I get real sleepy each day no matter what between 8 and 10pm so I will go to bed. Then I usually wake back up sometime in middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep so I feel ya on nights like that…..

        In bed don’t feel like getting up…..sis snoring away lol I lost my voice lol frog in throat! Hugs n live, Annette

      • *smiles* I am glad you realized how stressed you were getting over it. Just relax, let the visions for your posts come to you, write them down when you get them, relax and breathe 🙂 You will be fine hun and if you need help, I am here 🙂

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