03.01.16 – End of Day Notes

What I did today: I was up for 25 hours before finally falling into an exhaustive sleep around 11 am today. Then I was back awake by 2 pm. I did a lot of my writing projects during my insomnia episode and then finished them after awakening. I sat outside and enjoyed another beautiful warm, sunny day. Watched an X-Men movie and am now really feeling the burn from lack of sleep, not to mention tension in my back and neck.

What I learned today: Sleep is an elusive mistress.

What I am most proud of today: Managing to write despite lack of sleep and energy.

What did you do today? Learn any lessons? Have a reason to be proud? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

The Sandbox Writing Challenge #29 — Pure Magic!


This week, Calen has offered us a dual challenge with the same theme of Magic: What makes life magical? What would your perfectly magical day be like?

For me, what makes life magical is imagination. If you can imagine it, hold it in your mind, picture it with intent, then you can create whatever IT is. A painting, a piece of music, a dance, a piece of fiction, a poem, a mathematical solution, a quantum idea come to life. The impossible becomes possible through imagination. Without imagination, we wouldn’t look to the stars and long for what lies beyond. We wouldn’t marvel at a new-born baby or a newly blossomed flower and ponder at whose hand these things came into being. We would never have explored our world. Never have invented things. And never have wondered past our very own existence. Imagination is everything and yes, it is truly magical.

And now, using my imagination, here is what a truly magical day would be like for me.

I awaken on a home-world in Andromeda. The sun shines brightly across the crystal city. The twin moons are distant shadows, but still visible in the violet morning sky. I adorn my light body in a Greek-style gown, delicate silver slippers upon my feet. Thin silver threads and opalesque beads wind through my long blond hair. My eyes glisten, blue as the sea. Chords of Universal music resound throughout the City. I sit upon the veranda overlooking the vastness of my world and set about to create my day through my thoughts. A mere thought brings a cup of coffee, a danish, and a bowl of jeweled fruit. I imagine a companion and she appears. A book and there it is on the table beside me. I am both created and creator.