The Sandbox Writing Challenge Review #2 & Part 3 Loosening Up Exercise

I am a relatively newcomer to Calen’s The Sandbox Writing Challenge, but I will do my best to answer the questions for the Review.

Review #2:

  1. Did any of your answers surprise you? Why or why not? I realized how many projects I still have left Undone but I am not really *shocked* by it. I tend to create projects for myself and then never finish them.
  2. Was there any one exercise that felt more emotionally “charged” than the others? If so you may want to take a few moments and write a bit more about it. But only write until the “energy” runs out. The exercise on vulnerability was probably the one that was the most emotionally charged for me, but I feel like I wrote all that I needed to on it.
  3. Are there exercises that feel incomplete? Go with your energy. Complete those exercises now. You’ll know they are finished when your energy is spent and the exercise feels complete. Nope, I feel like they are all complete. I don’t think I have anything new to add to them.
  4. What insights about yourself have come to light? I realized this just before I began doing these exercises, but doing these has reinforced it: I need to procrastinate less and do more. As a result, I downloaded a calendar and have been using it religiously to plan out my days and all of the new projects that I want and need to complete. I’ve yet to schedule time to do all of those Undone projects though. They may have to wait until next January as I won’t be as busy then as I am now and in the upcoming months.


Part 3 “Loosening Up” Exercise:

List 1: What words would you use to describe your spouse, partner, or best friend?

I will do a list for my estranged spouse:

  • argumentative
  • narcissistic
  • peculiar
  • lost
  • demanding
  • stubborn
  • artistic
  • creative
  • generous (with money, usually, but not his time or in giving compliments of any kind, although, he has gotten better with the compliments since our separation)

List 2: What words would you use to describe your enemies?

I don’t really have any enemies persay, at least not these days, but here is a list of those from my past:

  • mean-spirited
  • cruel
  • jealous
  • angry
  • sly
  • cunning
  • devious
  • cold
  • self-centered
  • enraged

List 3: What words would your spouse, partner, or best friend use to describe you?

Again, I will use my estranged spouse:

  • mental
  • lazy
  • cold
  • deranged
  • stubborn
  • self-absorbed
  • bitchy
  • spiritual (he only says this now since we’ve separated)
  • understanding (again, only since we’ve separated)
  • forgiving (I always forgave first and still do)
  • creative (but not as much as he is – yes, he would say that)
  • talented writer (he just recently said this to me)

List 4: What words would your enemies use to describe you?

Wow, this is dredging up some really bad emotions, but here is how my enemies in the past described me:

  • fat
  • ugly
  • stupid
  • unkempt
  • lazy
  • aloof
  • stubborn
  • unfriendly
  • wallflower
  • bookworm

I haven’t had any real enemies since grade school or high school. So this is why all of the childish name-calling descriptions.

Wow, Calen… this was harder than I realized, but definitely enlightening. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge Review #2 & Part 3 Loosening Up Exercise

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  2. It IS interesting to look back over our posts. I’ve been doing some intensively journaling for the last ten years, and thought I knew everything there was to know about me. But I can honestly say I’ve learned a couple new things since I’ve been going through this book. I will take us through November if I’ve counted right. 🙂

    • Yes, it still amazes me the things I am discovering about myself as well… thru Nov? wow, that’s great! by then, you should be a pro at asking questions and do some of your own for Dec.. ha! 😀

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