#MondayMusings – Silence


As I sit here in my studio, snow falls gently outside. Silence rules the land. This is what I love most about Winter. Not the cold, no, never that. I don’t like to be cold and no amount of bundling ever seems to warm me enough. It is the snow that endears me to this time of year. The silence in snow falling. No traffic on the roads. No animals stirring. No hustle and bustle. Just silence.

Silence is hard to come by in my house. My father is hard of hearing and whenever the television is on, it is always loud. He and my brother snore loudly at night too. I often sleep with earplugs. So when I get silence, I enjoy it to its fullest. It allows me to be reflective, meditative, mindful.

As I gaze out my window, I sigh contently. Tomorrow, the hubbub will begin again as the plow trucks roll by, people attempt to get out of their driveways, and the endless sounds of metal against cement begins. For now, I will just sip my hot tea and watch, silently.

What do you love most about Winter? Let me know in the comments!

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