Thoughts on Blogging – Likes vs. Comments

I follow a lot of blogs, like many bloggers do, both here on WordPress and on Blogger. On WordPress, I receive some updates via email and other blogs I read via the WordPress Reader. I have a tonnage of emails. At present, well over 700 to read, all of them from blogs.

I like to be engaged with the blogs I follow. Generally, I try to tweet, comment, like and reblog often. I do it to share others work. It is time-consuming, and yet I enjoy it.

I feel guilty if I just “like” a blog post and run. I do it sometimes though. I do try to comment on at least one or two blog posts from those I follow a week and leave comments when I am inspired to write something. I don’t just want to leave a random blah-blah, meaningless comment.

All of this does mean that I am generally days and days behind on people’s blogs. So if you see a stranger stopping by long after you’ve forgotten about a post you’ve written… well, that would be me.

What are your thoughts about “likes” versus “comments”, do you do one or the other or both? Let me know below!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blogging – Likes vs. Comments

  1. I use Feedly. I “follow” the WordPress blogs I like, but I never read them in the reader. I put every blog feed in Feedly. From there I can read the post (or the excerpt) I can tweet, share on Facebook, save for later, OneNote, Pocket… there is a list of options that you can interact with. You can click through to the blog to LIKE it or comment if you want.
    I don’t like a whole lot of emails in my inbox, and having all the blogs I read in one place it convenient. Being able to share and Tweet from the same place is super easy.

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