The Sandbox Writing Challenge #26 — Message

This week’s challenge is What message just for you is hidden in this ancient writing?


Wow, this one definitely needs some imagination, Calen! It’s times like this I wish I could read Mayan hieroglyphs. Oh, use your imagination, Lori… pretend it is just for you… what would the Mayan’s be trying to tell you? What profound message would an ancient, wise race of beings want little ole you to know?

I take out my decoder tablet, punch in a few codes and this pops out:

“Monkey King predicts three months of hard labor if you keep disturbing turtle man.”

What?! That doesn’t sound right.

I punch in some more codes and this message pops out:

“Unbridled summer begets dragon son.”

Good grief! That doesn’t make sense either.

It’s obvious. Modern computers cannot read Mayan hieroglyphs. I *cannot* read them. Maybe that’s the point. The Mayan were much more intelligent. If they were to tell me anything useful or helpful, I would hope they would say:

“Live each day passionately. Live each day in good health. Keep your eyes focused on the Stars. The Divine is within and without. You are never alone. Monkey King is always with you…”

What?! How did *that* get in there?


7 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #26 — Message

  1. I LOVE how you worked your process here, Lori! I think there could definitely be something in that first one too. And in the second, but definitely you hit the ‘monkey’ on the head with the last one! (my sock monkey just took exception to my last comment *rolls eyes*)

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