#MondayMusings – The Power of Persistence



As a child, I was quite persistent. I had goals and was determined to achieve them. I wanted to graduate from college and be a writer. I worked hard, got great grades and was all set to make something of myself. Those plans didn’t pan out so well. I tried community college, hated my Business Management courses (mother was determined I would take courses to get a job straight out of college), dropped out, got married, lost a child, divorced, and roamed around like a nomad for several years. I didn’t make it back to college until I was nearly 24.

river quote

Somewhere along the way, I got back on track. I became persistent again. I excelled in college, earning three degrees and a Certificate of Advanced Studies. I was well on my way to realizing my dreams. I felt as fluid as a river, flowing along, cutting through rocks and boulders. Carving a path for myself. I was writing poetry, submitting my work, getting published and even won a local poetry contest, earning my first paycheck. A whole $50. But it didn’t matter, I was excited.

And then life got in the way again. Writing is hard. Earning money as poet is even harder. I ended up working several jobs to pay the bills, had very little time for writing and no time to submit my work. Instead of being a river, I was now the rock. Stuck in place, going absolutely no where. It would be years of working dead-end jobs, madness via mental illness, and another failed marriage before I budged.

Dreams have a way of nagging at you. They interrupt your sleep, pester you during the day, invade your thoughts, and creep up on you at unlikely moments. Dreams are persistent. Nearly two years ago, I gave up the rock and surrendered to the river. I had no direction and no path, but I was fluid again. I wasn’t about to let my dream die. And so now, my persistence is paying off. I am writing, constantly. I am not as concerned about publishing these days, that may come somewhere downstream. For now, I just want to go with the flow and see where it leads me.

Have you given up on your dreams? Or are you as persistent as a river? I would love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “#MondayMusings – The Power of Persistence

  1. Sometimes dreams in our lives get pushed away for more important things & responsibilities that we need to take care of but then if you have your heart in them, you need to pursue them in any way you can….that’s what I try to do. 🙂

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