WTF Blogger?

It’s bad enough that when I read blogs over at Blogger and try to comment that some blogs won’t accept my WordPress ID. I’ve gotten pretty used to that and have worked around it as best I can by having my own Blogger account that redirects people to my WordPress blog. And it’s bad that some of them make you jump through hoops to sign up for their blogs by email (if you even can!) and to comment by checking that “I am not a bot.” But now Blogger has come up with even more hoops!

Now when you click to comment on some blogs, another little box will pop up to get you to chose pictures of things. And the pictures are small and sometimes too obscure to be recognized as what they are asking you to check. I don’t know if this is being set up by individual bloggers or if it is a new feature with Blogger itself. It’s frustrating and time consuming. And it makes me hate Blogger even more than I already do.

WTF Blogger? Do you want people to actually comment on blogs there? Or do you even care?

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