Leaving the Door Open to Fortune

Lady Fortune

I don’t read many horoscopes because they usually read like a bad fortune cookie, however I do follow Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes because they are more like words of wisdom than fortunes.

Here is mine for the week beginning on the 4th:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Sufi teacher (and Gemini) Idries Shah offered
this teaching: “They say that when Fortune knocks, you should open the
door. But why should you make Fortune knock, by keeping the door
shut?” Let’s make this your featured meditation, Gemini. If there is
anywhere in your life where proverbial doors are shut — either in the world
outside of you or the world inside of you — unlock them and open them
wide. Make it easy for Fortune to reach you.

I feel like I have somewhat grasped this concept by accepting Abundance into my life this year. Being open to all possibilities. But I am wondering if I still have some closed doors that I need to open. I have been putting off working on some writing projects that really matter to me because I know they will force me to dig deep into my soul and that can be an ugly place to go sometimes. I also know that if I open this door, I may get some published work out of it. I guess you never really know unless you take that leap of faith.

Okay Lady Fortune, I am opening the door… let’s get it on!


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