Thoughts from the Redwoods

Such a beautiful analogy for living life simply… and I quote:
“Sometimes we are on a wrong path and we don’t even know it. As we try to stand up once again to be tall amongst the other tree’s in the forest it becomes clear that maybe, just maybe there is another world we should be living in. Maybe one that is not so tall and demanding of the strength of our backs to hold us up. Somewhere in the ferns and moss we learn that living a simple life brings more joy than living a life of pride.”
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Simple Living Over 50

14983632-a-fallen-redwood-tree-sprouts-ferns-and-other-plant-life-as-it-slowly-decays-on-the-floor-of-a-northA tree falls to the ground in the forest and right away as the compassionate species we are we quickly try to find solutions to fix the problem. We want to do something because hey, “It has fallen”.

Tree’s have fallen throughout forests for years before humans had any interjection in the circumstances and simply lied there to become pillar to the incredible life that surrounds it. Some tree’s are simply meant to fall and quickly give rise to the glory of its community.

This is nature doing what it has done for millions of years and our process of intervention hinders what beauty could arise from simply allowing it to be.

In the same sense how important is it that we also allow our fellow humans to fall at times. Some of my greatest strengths were found in situations through my life where I too have fallen. Of course…

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