The Sandbox Writing Challenge #24 — Undone?

This week’s challenge is “What have you left undone?”

I have several projects that have been left undone:

  • a Book of Wisdom which is a collection of wisdom from various religions and philosophies, stuff health-related that I have collected over the years, favorite quotes, and other snippets of things. Some of this is already in a large 3-ring binder and other parts of it sit in a box where items are adding up so fast, I will need another box soon, not to mention a couple more binders.
  • a binder filled with every poem I have written since 1992, or at least all of them I can find as some of my work got destroyed in a flood.
  • a binder filled with every short story I have written since 1993, again as many of them as I can find due to that same flood.
  • my collage projects… I haven’t created a single collage since I moved back home in 2014.
  • crochet projects… haven’t worked on these since moving back home either.
  • the 100 new poems that I’ve been wanting to write for publication since last September that I have never gotten around to completing.

I keep adding new writing challenges to my life each year and they take up so much of my time that I fear I may never get to complete any of the above projects. Eventually I am just going to have to make them a priority as I want to leave the Book of Wisdom, Poetry Binder and Short Story Binder to someone in my family or with a friend whenever I decide to kick the bucket.

7 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge #24 — Undone?

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  2. It’s interesting to hear you talking about all your binders/journals and how you continue to keep working on them. I just put ALL of mine aside for a year to see if I’d still be driven in a year to start them again. I’ve found it liberating to say the least. 😀

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