What is the American Dream?

The American Dream is definitely not dead as so well told here. You just have to want and work toward the life you desire.
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Simple Living Over 50

american-dream-001With all of the changes our country is going through many believe that the American Dream is dead. But what exactly is the American Dream?

I believe it all started just years after the beginning of our own Industrial Revolution when jobs where in high demand and employers starting offering more attractive employment packages to attract and retain quality employee’s. As time went by and as worker unions started forming these things became the norm for the American worker even thought it took the time span of two major world wars to get there. TV portrayed the typical American family as both comfortable living in a home they were able to purchase with just one single income.

It seemed to be the good life for many, but as many stories are told sometimes there are parts that are left out. There is and has always been a segment of our…

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