Would wish for a second chance…

Beautifully written piece about regrets and the true meaning of love.
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Life leaves room for a lot of wonderful memories and a lot of heart-breaking regrets. If I had to choose one moment of my life to return to, it would be a conversation I had with my mother in the waiting room of the hospital where my dad passed away.

peritoneal-dialysisDad was dying from congestive heart failure because his kidneys were failing to keep ahead of the water that was surrounding his heart. The doctors’ “Hail Mary” play was to try Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD). This is the only type of peritoneal dialysis that is done without machines. You do this yourself, usually four or five times a day at home and/or at work.

Despite dad’s weakened condition, my sister, brother, and I were so excited that there might still be a chance to turn things around for dad, and dad, himself, had indicated through a note that he…

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