Unpopular Choices

from The Daily Post


Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

I dare say that for the majority of my life, my choices have been unpopular, or perhaps I have been gifted with a life that was never supposed to be mainstream or likable. I am an odd duck to be sure.

My first unpopular choice came when I was 18. I’d been raised Southern Baptist, but refuted that in my mid-teens. I’d been working for my aunt the Autumn of my 18th year and met two “angelic” women. They were Mormon missionaries. They answered all of my “religious” questions and I was hooked, much to the dismay of my entire family. I remained a Mormon until around age 21.

Next, I became pregnant and married the baby’s father, even though I lost the child. This did not go over well with my parents or the Mormon Church. I then left that marriage after 7 months of abuse, much to my family’s delight but not the Church’s. Essentially, I was kicked out of the Church.

I then began dating a man who was 13 years older than I was. Again, an unpopular choice. My family did grow to love him, but the relationship did not last.

At 23, I went back to college and upon graduating from a community college, I told my guidance councilor that I wanted to attend a private woman’s college. Not a popular choice to him, but I went nonetheless.

Along the way, I dated many men and women who were not popular choices among my family and friends. And my recent 13 year marriage was definitely not popular.

Today, my spiritual choices are not very popular among some of my family and friends. Being a witch and a Buddhist doesn’t fly well, but this is my life and apparently an unpopular one.

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