Daily Moments Jan 7 2016 (Shame on you! -haibun)

*sighs* Tournesol has put those greedy bastards to shame! Powerful haibun!
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Tournesol dans un Jardin

Does greed alone rule the world? Must one make money on the sufferings of others?  This is not a statement about being politically correct…no indeed!  It is a cry of frustration and disappointment that, yet again, the greedy vulturesw takes over common sense, compassion and savoir vivre.

Screen shot -sold at Amazon Screen shot -sold at Amazon

shame on you
worst kind of selfish vultures
make a fast buck
no concern for those hurting
seeking only their own gain

© Tournesol ‘16/01/07

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#joyfuljan – Day Seven

For today’s #joyfuljan, I find joy in silence.


It is in that moment before anyone awakens and the house gets busy that I find great joy. Silence. No noise but the low hum of my heater. No traffic outside. Not even the neighbor’s dogs have stirred. It is in this moment that I am able to reflect, be mindful of all that surrounds me, and be at peace.

What do you find joy in today? Let me know in the comments.


Throughout the month of January, I will be celebrating Joyful January with Satya and Kaspa over at Writing Our Way Home

Cicadas in the sorrow of night

A most moving and endearing tribute to a parent lost to cancer.

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Insights From The Edge

IMG_0221Cicadas buzz in the sorrow of night. Late summer heat and humid fear vibrates on my skin. Insomnia breeds paranoia and terror.

Dad’s gone. Two days left of this visit. My first one back since his death. This is not a night, or a day, but an in between. A purgatory. As my life is purgatory. I remember another sleepless night in this bed a year ago. They’d found the cancer that killed him in the frozen dead of winter. We were hopeful then. We sat at dinner, over Mom’s vegetarian bbq. He was in a good mood as they discussed the spot on his pancreas. God would heal.

It was surreal.

Later, abandoned by sleep and haunted by the future, I wrote about my fear, just like tonight. I cried. Just like tonight. I feared losing him when there was so much left to say. Not specific things. Not…

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Unpopular Choices

from The Daily Post


Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

I dare say that for the majority of my life, my choices have been unpopular, or perhaps I have been gifted with a life that was never supposed to be mainstream or likable. I am an odd duck to be sure.

My first unpopular choice came when I was 18. I’d been raised Southern Baptist, but refuted that in my mid-teens. I’d been working for my aunt the Autumn of my 18th year and met two “angelic” women. They were Mormon missionaries. They answered all of my “religious” questions and I was hooked, much to the dismay of my entire family. I remained a Mormon until around age 21.

Next, I became pregnant and married the baby’s father, even though I lost the child. This did not go over well with my parents or the Mormon Church. I then left that marriage after 7 months of abuse, much to my family’s delight but not the Church’s. Essentially, I was kicked out of the Church.

I then began dating a man who was 13 years older than I was. Again, an unpopular choice. My family did grow to love him, but the relationship did not last.

At 23, I went back to college and upon graduating from a community college, I told my guidance councilor that I wanted to attend a private woman’s college. Not a popular choice to him, but I went nonetheless.

Along the way, I dated many men and women who were not popular choices among my family and friends. And my recent 13 year marriage was definitely not popular.

Today, my spiritual choices are not very popular among some of my family and friends. Being a witch and a Buddhist doesn’t fly well, but this is my life and apparently an unpopular one.