Marriage Lesson: Address the Problem, Not Each Other

Wish I had read this years ago before my marriage fell apart

Simple Living Over 50

One of the lessons I wish every married couple knew about is that of dealing with problems which arise that have the potential to become conflicts. I have both seen and been involved with the act of attack on the one’s we love due to the anger, frustrations and stirred emotions of having to deal with a problem that seems to weave it’s way into a relationship and take up space in the home.

There have been many wise folks throughout the centuries who have wrote and taught about this subject but with all of the wisdom available today you would think that it would be a thing of the past. So here is my solution to this problem and as simple of a method as it is the key factor to it’s success is the control over our own emotions.

1. Problem enters our lives.
2. Write problem on…

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