A Cautionary Tale about the Paranormal Date Website

I have been a huge fan of Coast to Coast AM for years. A while back, via their emails, C2C was singing the praises of the Paranormal Date website as a way for C2C listeners to meet other people who are also interested in the Paranormal, UFOs, ETs, etc. Sounds good, right? Who wouldn’t want to meet other like-minded people?

I decided to sign up because you could post that you are only looking for friends. Figured this would be a great way to meet others who enjoy the paranormal. I got a lot of attention, but whenever I would bring up the topic about the paranormal with some of the people I was chatting with, they said either they weren’t interested in such things or thought it was an odd topic for me to be bringing up. I was a bit stumped by this, but figured well it is a dating site and let it go.

Today, I received a message from someone and when I mentioned the PD website, they said they weren’t a member of PD, they were on a different dating site. Then it happened again, but an entirely different dating site. And finally a third time! again, an entirely different dating site. I was dumbfounded and a bit miffed by this information. My profile was on all 3 of those other dating sites, sites I had NOT signed up for.

What I have discovered is, the people who own the company that hosts Paranormal Date, have in their TOS that your information will be shared in “networks.” In other words, they take it upon themselves to plaster your profile over a whole host of other dating sites. They claim this makes sharing with others easier. I consider it fraud!

So, my dear friends… if you sign up for Paranormal Date, you are not just signing up for that date site and you will receive messages from people from all of those other date sites. If your intent is to meet people who just enjoy paranormal as you do, that may not be the case. So just prepare yourselves to be bombarded by people with entirely different interests and agendas.

If this concerns you, as it has me, I hope you will help spread the word. Feel free to give out this post to anyone you think might have or may sign up for Paranormal Date.