Writing Projects for May

As a writer, I like to keep myself busy… well, writing. This April, I have been participating in 3 challenges over at Promptly Written, my writing blog based on prompts by others. I cannot believe how quickly April has passed, with only a week left. So far I’ve written 23 new poems for Poetic Asides 2015 April PAD Challenge and a 30+K Science Fiction story for the A-to-Z-Challenge. It has been great fun and has kept me in a constant writing flow. I intend to continue that flow through the month of May. My projected projects are as follows:

  • StoryADay in May Challenge with Julie Duffy — This will take place on my Promptly Written blog.
  • Also on Promptly Written, I will begin a 100 day writing challenge based on this prompt that I discovered:100_writing_prompts_challenge_by_sunshockk-d5gj6pkDoesn’t that look like fun? My creative juices are really flowing and I cannot wait to dig into those prompts! Expect poetry, short fiction, confessional non-fiction, with art work, photography and perhaps even music videos!
  • Writing “small stones”  is the brain-child of Satya and Kaspa over at Writing Our Way Home — they usually host an annual month of small stones in November and in January, but it is such a wonderful concept, that I want to make it a daily practice all year long. I hope to begin that practice in May over at my regular writing blog, A Whispered Wind.
  • I will continue to host writing prompts over at Burning the Root — I am on week THREE of prompt suggestions, so if you missed any of those and you want to catch-up, drop on by! I will also be stepping up my commitment to reblogging other bloggers’ tips and suggestions on writing. So be sure to check that out as well.
  • And because I want to get this blog more active, I will begin showcasing a different blog a day here on As The Fates Would Have It. I follow over 600 blogs here on WordPress and probably another 50 or so from Blogger, as well as blogs that don’t belong to a hosting site. It is my desire to introduce more readers to some of these fantastic blogs that I so enjoy. Also, on the 15th of every month, I will host a Meet & Greet for bloggers to promote their own blogs. I got this idea from the fabulous OM over at Harsh Reality.

Phew! That looks like a lot of Projects, doesn’t it? In truth, it is a lot, but writing is my passion and I want to start getting as much out of my passion as possible. I spend far too much time procrastinating and if I have a plan of attack, I tend to get more done. I hope some of my readers here will join me in some of the challenges I have set for May. If you do, please stop by here and let me know by leaving a comment. Here’s to an exciting month of May!

15 thoughts on “Writing Projects for May

  1. Your enthusiasm and energy and sheer output amazes me…and thrills and excites the sheet out of me…Loverly to see. And I just adore that you do no self-shaming and pathologizing over it. Way to go! Passion is NOT pathology!!! Pam W.

    • Thanks Pam… I haven’t always been this serious about my writing, but since I began setting goals, I do have more output and enthusiasm… the energy, well.. it waxes and wanes.. some days better than others. Thanks for stopping by!

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