What Fuels My Soul

In response to Cristian Mihai’s Passion post

Cristian asked some very pertinent questions about Passion, that which drives us and makes us feel alive. I could have answered in the comments, but I wanted to explore this a bit, more than a quick response.

I am most passionate about the written word, whether as poetry, short fiction, novels, or non-fiction. I truly believe there is power in words: the power to move, encourage, or enslave, the power of freedom, revolution, self-realization — like in this poem by the Indian poet, Sanober Khan:

are powerful
forces of nature.

they are destruction.
they are nourishment.
they are flesh.
they are water.
they are flowers
and bone.

they burn. they cleanse
they erase. they etch.

they can either
leave you

or brimming
with home.”
― Sanober Khan

I enjoy reading poetry and prose that inspires me, that wrenches at my heart, and that puts me in the grip of Knowing — that silent moment when what someone else has written rings so true with you, that you are in complete awe. That is the way I write, or at the very least, I strive to write that way. And so I have made it my life’s goal to write poetry and short fiction, to give back to others the passion that fuels my soul.

2 thoughts on “What Fuels My Soul

  1. Passion pushes life to its purest pitch. A passionate enthusiasm is not pathological, as some might have us believe when we are caught up in its grip…Never believe them. Without passion, poetry is just a dim simulacrum of itself, veiled but without mystery, deaf not just to the world but to itself as well.

    Best wishes for all the passion your life can encompass, brim over with and then more!

    Pam Wagner

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